Ensure your Customer Satisfaction with Flawless Delivery

Optimally prepare the order for dispatch, track products to ensure correct and rapid truck loading, smooth the way to faster delivery over the last mile with our RFID warehouse management system.

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Enrich your Interalogistics Outbound Process

Improve your order fulfillment process including picking, packing, shipping, & fast delivery of a package. And optimize your outbound handling to carry out sales orders at a rapid pace by implementing Arrowhub's smart RFID-enabled warehouse management solution.

Add sales order

Once an order is received, you can add it to our intelligent WMS that will automatically generate sales orders along with the client and product details and push them into the queue to be processed.

  • Records all orders
  • Eliminates any error
  • Automates the process
Outbound Sales Order

Pick the right product

Our smart RFID-warehouse management system auto-generates a picking list. It shows the right location to pick the order & enables you to verify the picked products to make sure the right product is picked for every order.

  • Simplifies your picking process
  • Reduces your spending by around 63%
  • Flawless picking process
Outbound Pick Product

Cautiously Packing Product

Once the products are packed, you can verify if the right product is packed by scanning a unique RFID tag stuck with our intelligent warehouse management software.

  • Cost-efficient
  • Prevent damage
  • Promotes brand identity
Outbound Packing Product

Meticulous Product Shipping

Our smart warehouse management software comes with the auto-update shipment functionality that automatically updates the quantities. You can see the updated shipped order information in real-time.

  • Reduces the human dependency
  • Emilinates any possible error
  • Real-time status updates
Outbound Product Shipping

Dominant benefits of our WMS to make your intralogistics outbound process flawless

Our comprehensive RFID-enabled WMS is created using cutting-edge technologies with the aim of making our customers frontrunners in the automation of outbound logistics & enabling them to meet their customer's demand, support sales, and process to generate revenues.

Reduce human error

Our Next-Gen Warehouse management Software eliminates your reliability on an operator and uses a barcode facility to correctly count and keep record of every product in the software to reduce human error while packaging products.

Streamlined workflow

With our trusted warehouse management software powered by RFID technology, you can monitor intralogistics operations in real-time, manage your inventory and flows of goods across complex supply chains.

Keep a record of all orders

You can keep records of all orders by keeping track of inventory from the moment it is shipped to a warehouse until the point of sale. It ensures you never run out of product, customer retention, and growth.

Ergonomic Warehouse Management Solution Powered by RFID.

Streamline your outbound process to accelerate the loading process, dispatch the items rapidly, fetch the status of the item with an auto-generated picking list and add value to your customer's satisfaction ensure the last-mile delivery with our accredited warehouse management system

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Advanced LMD

Because we are the first choice of esteemed distribution centers.

Maximize Efficiency. Maximum ROI

We design and develop a tailored solution based on your business needs to maximize your efficiency and ROI.

Maximum space utilization

Our intelligent WMS keeps you updated with filled and empty locations within the 4 walls which enables you to have higher space utilization.

Achieve 99% inventory accuracy

RFID-enabled WMS allows you to track inventory expiration data/lot, serial number, reduce inventory level & more.

Informed decision-making

Have a panoramic view of your warehouse operations using Arrowhub’s WMS analytics and stay informed to make the right decisions at the right time.

Make you Future-ready & Competitive

Arrowhub’s smart WMS is built with the latest technology that keeps you ready to compete with future demand.

Higher Customer Retentions

Employing Arrowhub RFID WMS, you can confidently deliver products on time which helps you to retain customers.

Intelligent Warehouse management system for every Industry

Arrowhub is born with the clear purpose of bringing accuracy, visibility, and efficiency to inventory control for various industries. Industries that can avail benefit from our RFID warehouse management system are:


Complete manufacturing warehouse management system to automate work order creation, manage multiple warehouses, generate barcodes, track purchase and manufacture orders, bills of materials, and more.

Consumer goods and retails

With our tailored-made warehouse management system for the retail industry, you can react flexibly to the increasing demands, secure replenishment, and achieve the highest possible throughput.

Food and beverage

From raw materials to the end customer maintain real-time inventory, information of food, beverages, ingredients using an RFID warehouse management system.

Third-party logistics (3PL) companies

With our intelligent intralogistics, we enable 3PL with key factors of optimal warehouse management, high throughput, and fast order processing to remain competitive.

Wholesale distributors

From packing slips, delivery trips to sales, purchase, and people management we have got the solution to help you conquer it all.

Health and hospital care

Healthcare WMS is scalable and adaptable to help you adjust your operations, enables you to gain clear and immediate insight into your inventory, and make informed decisions.


Our eCommerce-focused warehouse management system ensures that every order is properly routed, picked, packed, scanned, and shipped to customers on time, every time.

Oil and Gas

Our RFID-enabled warehouse management system allows you to track products from the conveyor line to the container with 100% visibility and provides all the required functions for the Oil and Gas industry.


Our smart WMS is prepared to address and simplify the complexities of running automotive manufacturing to maximize productivity, control costs, and streamline operations to increase efficiency.

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